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Aldeburgh - 21 May 2005

Aldeburgh Nov 2004


In addition to the Fish and Chips shop, the High Street now boasts a smartly-painted fish restaurant.


The High Street is already busy quite early on a Saturday morning. Parking becomes impossible later on.


Although the original pumps had to be removed, the garage in the centre still has the overhead line.

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The High Street, full of distinctive, colourful and always individual buildings.






The Church, looking over the town roofs. 

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Town steps take the pedestrian, and one hopeful mini, uptown!


The Old Customs House was well prepared for the occasional inundation!


A quiet patio garden off the High Street, with tiered walls leading to the high part of the town.

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The distinctive townscape profile of Aldeburgh adjacent to the shingle beach.



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The foreshore at Aldeburgh is a working environment, with the scenic clutter of the fishing boats on public view.

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Some more angles on the foreshore, including the new-ish RNLI lifeboat station (centre).

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On a quiet Saturday morning, one man reads poetry (I checked!) in the sunshine.


The mock-Tudor public conveniences ...


...protected by a recurved sea wall. Sizewell 'B' can be seen on the skyline.

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Two views of the steel shell, controversial in its location some distance north of the town.

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Salt marsh at Slaughden, just behind the Martello tower, looking northwards to the yacht club and town.


A close-up of the skyline.


The yacht club at Slaughden appears a busy facility.

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