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Ken Apthorpe's photograph collection


Australian coast series

This page has been contributed by an Australian geographer from Brisbane, Ken Apthorpe. As you will see below he has been to some places that we in the UK would give our eye teeth to see .. and to photograph so well!


I am very grateful to Ken to display his photographs here, and to have a geographer's commentary. Copyright is, of course, his alone.


1.  Typical beach southern NSW (South Durras)


2.  Typical beach northern NSW 'Dreamtime Beach' (they are into tacky
names to attract tourists).

3. Tourists in surf at Byron Bay (ignorant of rips).


1 NSW beach.jpg  565KB


2 NSW Dreamtime Bch.jpg  350KB


3 NSW tourists  280KB


4. Scarp cut in foredune after storm (southern NSW).


5. The barrier system at the Coorong, SA  (near mouth of Murray River).

6. Tidal inlet on the coast of northwest WA near Derby. Green is mangroves, white is salt flats.

4 Dune scarp S NSW.jpg  572KB


4 Dune scarp S NSW.jpg  465KB


6 Tidal inlet NW WA.jpg  548KB


7. Sydney beach (Curl Curl) and bushfire smoke.


7 Sydney bushfire Curly.jpg  607KB


8. London Bridge at Port Campbell, Vic (1987).


8 London Bridge_1.jpg  171KB


9.  London Bridge fell down in 1990.


9 London Bridge_2.jpg  159KB


10. Small village in Solomon Islands.  Fringing coral reefs.


10 Solomons village.jpg  632KB


11.  Solomons village at ground level.


11 Solomons village bch.jpg  408KB



Irian Jaya series



12. Waterfront houses in the harbour at Jayapura, Irian Jaya.


13.  Typical large jungle village in southern lowlands (has a mission school).

14. Typical small jungle village on Eilander River, southern lowlands, using slash and burn farming.

12 Jayapura waterfront.jpg  443KB


13 Irian village large.jpg  770KB


14 Irian village small.jpg   417KB


Central highlands, near Wamena (5200', 1600m). Wamena is main highlands admin centre for Indonesian authorities. The highlands people developed more sophisticated traditional farming techniques than lowlanders.


15.  Typical garden plots on river flat  near Wamena (grow yams as staple, plus other veggies).

16. Garden plots on terraced mountainside. The mountains here rise from the Baliem River gorge, and go up to 12000'.

17.  Zoom to part of 16 image to show terracing.


15 Irian plots_1.jpg  278KB


16 Irian plots_2.jpg


17 Irian plots2 zoom.jpg  374KB


18. Close up of mountain plots.



19. More mountain plots above Baliem River.

20. Zoom of 19.



18 Irian plots close.jpg  749KB

19 Irian plots_4.jpg  304KB

20 Irian plots4 zoom.jpg  428KB


21. Further south along Baliem gorge.  Regular earth tremors cause huge
landslides, and spectacular scree slopes. White colour is due to clays
from epithermal alteration related to young intrusives.


21 Masswaste Equake.jpg  422KB


22. The market in Wamena 


22 Wamena market.jpg  388KB

23. Village pho-op 


22 Wamena market.jpg  357 KB


24. Status symbols 


24 Status symbols.jpg  376KB



25. Ancestral chief 


25 Ancestral chief.jpg  313KB