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Austria  17-24 August 2006




Arrival at Mellau, a predominantly ski-ing based tourist village; a car is exiting the main road up a mountain lane to Berg - guess where we had to go?

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The valley is deep and dramatic at Mellau, but with the aid of lifts there is good walking on the plateau beyond.

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The village environment is uncluttered and scenic.

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Bregenzer Ache at Mellau, just coming out of  several kilometres of dead-straight canalised running through what must have been old lake bed, and meeting a stream running in from the south, down through the village. The sediment is from diggers removing boulders ... the discolouration stopped at lunch-time!

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A building project at Mellau to divert the river channel away form the road, which is being reinforced here.


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In the village of Egg (really) some views of hay-making, timber seasoning at the local timber mill, and the cycle path/footpath to the next village up-valley ... Andelsbuch.

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Above the lift station on Diedamskopf, with fine views to the south and the Aarlberg, left, down to Mellau and the Bregenzer Ache river, centre, and down the northern flanks of the mountain.

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Photos of avalanche fences on the Diedamskopf, with addition reforestation on the left-hand shot. The central photo is of the valley below the cable lift, in neighbouring Au, and featuring what appears to be the recolonisation by trees of an enormous roche moutonee!

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Another photo across the Bregenzer Ache towards the Diedamskopf (right-hand slope) outside the swimming pool in neighbouring Au.

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The fantastic scenery at the head of the Bregenzer Ache valley, at Schrocken, with flying sections of road (both on the left and in the centre), and an old hay house.

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Hochtanbergpass, left and centre, contains solifluction slopes of mobile material, and shows deep stream incision - and mass movement.  Warth, a route centre, looks immaculate in the welcome sun.

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On the road from Lech to the Arlberg, a gallery is cut into the head of the valley. Centre is a view down the valley and right a section of mountain, with vertical sipping strata and scree slope.

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The early-morning mist is burning off in the valley at Mellau


Near the summit of Diedamskopf




The ski lift above Andelsbuch in the sun; when I came down the first drops of a thunderstorm were falling!

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