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East Anglian Daily Times article 'New homes could save our coastline'  30 March 2007



February 7 2007




East Lane in Bawdsey still  looks like a building site, with the Environment Agency not yet having finished placing all of the rip rap on the shore - see the top right photo for the stocks that remain.

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A succession of military strongpoints, including three Martello towers, from East Lane looking northwards to Shingle Street and Hollesley.


The unattractive concrete coastline at East Lane, towards the rip-rap and Martello tower to the south.

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Two photographs of the rip-rap gap at Bawdsey; hopefully the last of the boulders will be placed in the allotted slot on the coast!

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The 'slot' from the south. The coastal footpath has been stopped, and a sign says negotiations are taking place for a re-alignment.

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The great surprise when I came to the corner of the rip -rap was a new beach! The shingle has been driven up from the sea, exposing the clay base (making the beach very steep and very narrow), but reducing the height of the cliffs by a third.

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Three more views of the beach, at a very convenient sate of low water, showing the reduced cliff height, which should temporarily end active sea-cut erosion here, and the additional rip-rap protecting the embayment from the south.

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The fluted cross-section of the shingle indicates it has been worked over by a good few tides, but also that it has not been overtopped recently - thereby protecting the new low-cliffs. Was the additional rip-rap put in before or after the new beach formed?

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