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September 6 2006




A digger awaits a consignment of rip-rap, to be unloaded from barge within the hour. Some views around the base of the Martello Tower, for reference.

1024-P1050642.JPG  212KB


1024-P1050638.JPG  184KB




1024-P1050639.JPG  178KB


in the foreground the full-height rip rap has protected the coastline, but for a section of 100 metres or  so the sea has washed through the stone and taken out the low cliffs behind, causing the coastal footpath to be diverted.

1024-P1050640.JPG  199KB

768-P1050644.JPG  260KB




1024-P1050641.JPG  331KB


Three more general reference shots; the centre photograph being taken from the steps to the Martello Tower.

1024-P1050645.JPG  221KB 


1024-P1050647.JPG  245KB





The form of erosion is unchanged, only now the camera is no more, the rate is more conjectural!

768-P1050637.JPG  275KB

1024-P1050651.JPG  401KB

768-P1050658.JPG  344KB





Some shots to act as reference. The centre photographs is not as silly as it seems; both concrete pillboxes just about show up, and as with similar experience at Walton-ion-the-Naze, they do not move!

1024-P1050657.JPG  185KB

768-P1050635.JPG  179KB




1024-P1050659.JPG  180KB


Here there has been sheet wash from the arable field, now devoid of the protection of crop cover.  The land here is incredibly light and is vulnerable to sheet and wind erosion. The water has then cut a gully down the cliff.

1024-P1050652.JPG  236KB

1024-P1050654.JPG  321KB




1024-P1050653.JPG  291KB

A towed barge heads south and, putting two and two together, i rush towards where it might have unloaded some stone.


Out to sea a much larger vessel appears to have mounds of stones, and a JCB, on deck.

1024-P1050656.JPG  83KB


1024-P1050660.JPG  127KB





On my rush to the site of the unloading  did pause to record the marsh land behind the shingle coast, and an irrigation pump.

1024-P1050662.JPG  227KB

1024-P1050661.JPG  134KB




1024-P1050664.JPG  269KB



The rip rap was dropped of from a barge - I presume the one I saw rounding the headland, and then loaded onto trucks for storage in the field just north of the Martello tower.


Movie of unloading rip rap 34.9MB


1024-P1050665.JPG  154KB

1024-P1050667.JPG  199KB




1024-P1050666.JPG  179KB

The almost-classic view from the web cam .. in this case just from the top of the tower's access steps, whilst trying to ask permission for the shot!


2216-P1050649.JPG  420KB