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Taken by Alison Stacey from a static balloon, tethered to about 500 feet above the centre of Bournemouth. May 2001


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The western fringe of the CBD, with some degree of twilight zone land uses.  The cream coloured large hotel (Exeter) is on the site of Bournemouth's first hotel, built in 1810.



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Central CBD.  The way the gardens along the chine dominate the town layout is clear in this picture.  The Square has been pedestrianised.  Buses are clustered in Westover Road, and Poole Hill can be seen top left.


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Looking south, the Bournemouth International Centre and pier show how important tourism/services are to the town economy.  Almost every other building is an hotel.



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This is the West Cliff hotel zone.  Looking west, Poole, part of the Bournemouth conurbation, and Poole harbour, also Brownsea Island.  The sandy cliffs are well vegetated, showing no active erosion. 


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Fieldwork  October 2001


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East beaches and Hengistbury Head





Central Pier and west to Purbeck




Pier entrance, pedestrianised area

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Bournemouth's tourist appeal





Concentration of attractions at the pier


More tourist attractions at the pier.  Purbeck and Old Harry in distance.




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Hotel zone transect, numbered from W - E  1.  West Cliff




2. West Cliff

3. West Cliff, changing land use

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4. St. Michael's Road.  "Village" at crossroads in background





5. West Cliff shops.  Spin-off functions



6. Some hotels aimed at a specialised market.


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7.  Priory Road




8. Between Priory Road and the BICC - not for visitors?





9.  Priory Road and view E across CBD



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10.  View across CBD



11.  On the Exeter Hotel





12.  Exeter Road


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13.  Crossing the Chine where it meets the coast.  Pier to right, CBD to left






14. East Cliff Lift, flats on corner of Meyrick Road