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Brittany 2003



Anse de Dinan beach

The gite

Le Cloitre Pleyben - small village

Pleyben - large village

Châteaulin town

Pointe du Raz - beach and headland

Locronan - tourism village honeypot

Mont St Michel - tourism mega-honeypot

Wind and nuclear power

Rance tidal  power station

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The River Aulne and Châteaulin


Photo taken on 19 August 2003


2015-08190014.JPG  470KB


Châteaulin - a view overlooking the town from the road approach from Pleyben.


Photo taken on 19 August 2003


2031-08190011_small.JPG  440Kb


The heights above the town boasted a wind-farm!


600-08190013.JPG  157KB  19 August 2003

From a bank overlooking the caravan park a magnificent view of the town is obtained, and illustrating the deep valley of the River Aulne and the site of the town and its bridges.

ravan park

800-08190012.JPG  161KB  19 August 2003


The river is part of the Brest-Nantes inland waterway and must be popular with boat-users. The moorings are right in the heart of the town.


600-08210004.JPG  156KB  19 August 2003

The bridge is a one-way street, helping to overcome the town's natural tendency to bottleneck!


800-08210006.JPG  157KB  21 August 2003


An old lock in the river; the main waterway lock for navigation is on the other side.


800-08210007.JPG  132KB  21 August 2003

The main crossing of the Aulne through the central arch of the higher level bridge.


800-08210005.JPG  214KB 21 August 2003


The market in Châteaulin, by the banks of the River Aulne and under a fine avenue of trees, was a pleasant setting.


800-08210009.JPG  124KB  21 August 2003

Hot food was available in the market in Châteaulin, and this rotisserie did a brisk trade!


800-08210012.JPG  133KB  21 August 2003


In an old-town by-street one came across a fine flower display - and a British telephone kiosk!


800-08220001.JPG  178KB  22 August 2003

Châteaulin's market consisted of the usual mix of food-based and material stalls - and not visitor-orientated in the main.


800-08210010.JPG  169KB  21 August 2003

The herb stall was colourful, if a little expensive.


600-08210011.JPG  180KB  21 August 2003

Very well-presented spices!


800-08210011.JPG 164KB  21 August 2003

Congestion concentrated upon this point, next to the market.


800-08210008.JPG  122KB  21 August 2003

The town is served by very smart and new diesel trains, travelling between Quimper and Brest .. which both have TGV services to Paris. However, the costs of train travel is horrendous and there are only a few trains per day!


800-08220008.JPG  22 August 2003

The main streets border the river, and, in this case, the market.


800-08210013.JPG  152KB  21 August 2003