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Brittany 2003



Anse de Dinan beach

The gite

Le Cloitre Pleyben - small village

Pleyben - large village

Châteaulin town

Pointe du Raz - beach and headland

Locronan - tourism village honeypot

Mont St Michel - tourism mega-honeypot

Wind and nuclear power

Rance tidal  power station

Brittany summary page


The central area of Pleyben, with its imposing church.


800-08190001.JPG  101KB  19 August 2003

Many churches in Brittany have a "Calvary", a group of sculptured stone figures depicting the story of Christ for the benefit of illiterate people. Pleyben has the finest Calvary of them all and it is a tourist attraction.


800-08190004.JPG  164KB  19 August 2003

The church from the uncrowded main road.


800-08190008.JPG  105KB  19 August 2003

Local services seem extremely well-developed for a village of some 3,500 people.


800-08190007.JPG  117KB  19 August 2003

In the area next to the church a tourist area has developed, including a chocolate factory!


600-08190010.JPG  158KB   19 August 2003

Souvenirs are sold in these shops, but the one on the right specialises in selling regional delicacies.


800-08190002.JPG  147KB  19 August 2003

One side of Pleyben's triangle central area, with cafe and fish shop.


800-08200039.JPG  128KB  20 August 2003

The excellent roads in and around Pleyben were never full; but here a moment of congestion as a tractor and trailer vie for road space with a delivery lorry.


800-08190005.JPG  171KB  19 August 2003

The Maire's office; even small villages, including Le Cloitre Pleyben, have a building, or part of, for official purposes.


800-08200040.JPG  132KB  20 August 2003


The village supermarket, part of the InterMarche chain, offers a wide range of goods and cheap petrol!


800-08210001.JPG  92KB  21 August 2003


Access to the high-speed road network of Brittany is almost instant for Pleyben.


800-08210003.JPG  142KB  21 August 2003

An evening of Breton folk dancing started in the "square" as dusk fell.


800-08220028.JPG  106KB  22 August 2003

Music was provided by local players, including some on older, traditional wind instruments.


600-08220027.JPG  72KB  22 August 2003

Crepes were organised in a long tent-stall, with six pairs of producers working flat out to meet demand for several hours on end!


800-08220032.JPG  79KB  22 August 2003