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The Broads  Barton March 2005

Barton Broad









Image produced from the Ordnance Survey

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Ordnance Survey

and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.



An information board at Irstead Staithe, on Barton Broad. A large image so it can be read!




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The road to the staithe passes Irstead church, to  a small car park just behind the churchyard.


Opposite the staithe an channel leads off into the wetlands .. see map.


An empty staithe! The parish provides the cruising community with moorings, a recycling /rubbish point and this pleasant green.

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Disabled Parking and Boardwalk Access




One of the access points to Barton Broad is this extremely impressive disabled parking area, and smooth access to the boardwalk which leads out to the open waters of Barton Broad.

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From the boardwalk the growing, and decaying, Fenn Carr can be observed.


A detail from the photo to the left ... fungi colonising a decaying branch.


Open stretches of water start to appear, leading to the Broad.

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The end of the boardwalk and a  view of Barton Broad. The wooden structure at the end acts as a hide to observe wildlife.


The encroaching fen vegetation and the open Broad.


Looking back to the shoreline.

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The open waters of Barton Water.

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Barton Turf




The very attractive outlook on Barton Broad from Barton Turf Staithe.

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Barton Turf, looking towards the Broad.


At Barton Turf there appears to be a large boatyard to the east of the parking area.


In Spring the marina is quiet and far from full.

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Extremely tame inhabitants of Barton Turf Staithe


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Neatishead Staithe has much more parking for boats than cars!


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