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Taken May 2001



Clacton-on-Sea May 2001

Jaywick February 15 2002

South Clacton February 15 2002


Cudmore Grove 29 Aug 2001



Fingringhoe Fieldwork  2004 


Frinton 26 Jul 2001


Seawick Road   2 January 2005


Stour Estuary and Brantham  December 2004

Wivenhoe  1 June 2001


Wivenhoe Trail 19 & 26 December 2005  13 & 19 January 2005



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On the walk from the railway station to the town centre, is this remarkable cluster of estate agents and mortgage lenders. It is about the most intensive concentration of function I have seen in an ordinary town street!


The main shopping area of Clacton begins a little way behind the promenade and is, here at least, dominated by the cultural icon of McDonald's.




An outstanding flower display, with semi-tropical overtones, links the beach road with the pier area.



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A large and colourful pier area, with these children's attraction beyond the amusement hall .. which in itself boasts larger attractions, such as dodgem cars.


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To the north of the pier lies sea defences of moulded concrete pieces assembled into a sea wall, and rock armour or rip rap at the pier entrance.


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Clacton south - February 15 2002




The northerly limit of the reseeded beach lies in the foreground. Beyond are the sea defences of Clacton and the pier.


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Concrete blocks prevent joyriding on the new beach area, but since reseeding the beach area has diminished somewhat. New housing dominates the skyline (built shortly before the beach works and now a further justification for such defences), as well as another Martello tower.


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Shot over the rip rap of a fishtail groyne, Clacton sea front can be seen beyond the new beach.


A close-up of the hard defences to the south of Clacton Pier.



A new housing development has sand deposited over its roads, blown in from the beach.

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Taken from the fish-tail groyne towards the south, the new housing and a Martello tower.



The Martello tower is a good marker for this site.


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Jaywick February 2002




I was present when this part of Jaywick beach was re-seeded up to its present level. The embayment has been etched out since the operation was completed.


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The offshore rock reef might be joined up to the shore as a tombolo if there is sufficient beach material. My estimate is that there is not!



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Two views of the tombolo leading to one of the fish-tail rock groynes at Jaywick. the profile of the beach can be seen on the left, with the nourishment sand being incised by lowered beach profiling.  It will be interesting to see whether the sand is in offshore store, and returned in the summer, or has gone more permanently. 

The area colonised by grass is an older experiment with replenishment, and has been at this level for about seven years.


On the right the rock groyne appears as it was before nourishment, with a small embayment etched out behind some protective rocks.

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The front at Jaywick, with houses close up behind the sea wall, and the new beach. At this point there was no sand showing at high water before nourishment began.


A more established part of the beach, where the tombolo meets the fish-tail rock groyne. Here vegetation has established itself fitfully over the higher parts of the beach.


Looking south from the tombolo beach, showing the sharp drop along the new beach profile.


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A flood gate near the car park at Jaywick.




The new beach materials is steadily being eroded, as evidenced by the steep profile here.


Some drifting of sand against the seas wall.

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