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Covehithe   19 November 2004


Covehithe   June 2000

Covehithe   February 2002  rapid gullying and further cliff recession .. also a look at Benacre.
Covehithe   November 19 2004


Easton Bavents November  2004

Easton Bavents and North Southwold   June 2006


Easton Bavents, Southwold, Dunwich & Sizewell  December 2008

Southwold to Kessingland via Easton Bavents and Covehithe  5 September 2009

1 - Southwold pier and town defences to Mr Boggis' defences

2 - Easton cliffs and Broad to Covehithe Broad

3 - Covehithe cliffs to Benacre Broad and towards Kessingland - and back



The modern church at Covehithe has been partly built within the ruins of a much larger building.

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The cliff-top at Covehithe shows the gullying features, there are now two in this stretch of coast, and the clean free-face of the cliffs. The roadway has now been blocked off a considerable distance back from the edge.

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The gully nearest to the road affords easy access to the beach.



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The beach at Covehithe, comprised of a gentle slope of fine material, with some pebbles winnowed from the cliffs Southwold, and even Sizewell 'B' power station can be seen to the south.

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The free face of the cliffs reveal bedding patterns, a debris fan - and erosional features (gullying) such as rainwater runnels.

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The photographs above, and below, are close-ups from the central picture .....





.. and show more details of the cliff face.



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More detail of cliff erosion



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Cliff and beach looking northwards.


Fresh debris on the beach, from both a tree stump and a collapsed brick structure .. probably dating from WW2.


Clay has been exposed on the beach and reveals its stratification during its erosion.

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The cliffs near the more northerly gully system boast a number of  layers or lenses of pebbles.



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The more northerly gully area from above and below .. showing the cliff-top detritus and vegetation that has fallen down with a recent collapse.





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A lens of shingle in the wall of the gully.


The cliff breach at the site of the gully.


Recent heavy rain has wetted the surface layer of soil to about 10cm.

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Suffolk   Covehithe church coasts erosion beach features  sand cliffs