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Dinton  17 July 2006




From the top road north towards Marshwood Farm and Grovely Wood beyond.

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Dinton , or Philipps House in Dinton Park.

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The lake at the foot of Dinton Park has been much improved in recent years.  It is not natural, but retained by a bank that separates it from the B3089 road, which in its time was the new Turnpike Road. The centre shot is of Cotterells, on Snow Hill, near the church.

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Dinton Park, on the left, part of the National Trust property of Dinton House.

The elegant lodge at the entrance to Dinton Park. Thirty-five years ago the house was the home of the Church warden Mr Wheeler. In a poorly-lit interior he paid me my fees for blowing the church organ!

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Hyde's House, next to the church and built on the site of a former rectory.

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St Mary's Church, with new all-weather path.

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Dinton Lodge always strikes me as quietly elegant, opposite the church. In the centre is the Old School, and on the right looking over its wall towards the Church Lane and to steep Hollow.

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In the shade of a tree on the Recreation ground, a view towards the school and Compton Downs.


St Mary's Road looking towards the crossroads, with the recreation ground on the left.


Parkside Cottage, the last home of my uncle.

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A new, to me, entrance to the Recreation Ground from Hindon Road ... and the other side of the stream is one of the new luxury developments that is now characterising Dinton.

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On the Hindon Road looking westwards - from left to right Dinton Cottage, then the Post Office of my youth (Mr & Mrs Clark),  and then the shop. The centre photo is Dinton Cottage, again, where my father was born, and the right-hand photo the shop and the white building beyond was where the baker lived - until Gerry's no longer baked their own bread.

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The shop and the triangle of greensward, on the left, and on the right Lawes Cottage, where I mowed the grass as a youth. Although there has been controversy about Lawes Cottage only being let out by the National Trust to Catholics, the occupant then was  decidedly C of E!

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Looking west up the main road in the vicinity of Spracklands, which is shown on the right.

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From outside the path to Orchard Terrace, in very different times; the snows were in 1979.

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The new village hall in Bratch Lane, and in the centre the housing that replaced the Victory Hall. At the bottom of the lane is the railway, now sadly single track, and with no access to cross the line.

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The Pembroke Arms, formerly the East End Inn, sits behind a new terrace and in front of a series of new houses - several in the old front gardens of 5-8 Orchard Terrace.


A new bus shelter (this time on the right side of the road)

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Pembroke Terrace and the Methodist Chapel are deserted and up for sale, so I was pleased to record them before they went.  I await the new housing with interest!

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