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Dunwich Walk from Dunwich Beach to Dunwich Heath and back  June 4 2006


Back through the woods, and past Greyfriars, to Dunwich Beach




Dunwich Beach 2000


Dunwich Beach 2001  taken  Sunday 13 May 2001


Dunwich Heath - the main areas of study in Spring 2002


Fieldwork in May 2002

Dunwich Beach -Wednesday and Thursday

Dunwich - tourism pressures

Dunwich - management practices


Fieldwork in May 2003

Beach photographs from Mon 20 May and Friday 23 May 2003

Photos from Mr Duncan of the tourist pressures


Fieldwork in May 2004 Sunday 16, Tuesday 25,  and Thursday 27 May


Dunwich Forest and Heath November 2004

Dunwich update April 2005

Dunwich Walk June 2006


Dunwich  Beach Walk June 2006

Dunwich Heath June 2006

Dunwich cliff-top and Greyfriars


Minsmere Road, the road to Dunwich Heath, is flanked on the seaward side by woodland, and near the entrance by mature hedge trees also - producing a pleasant dappled light on a hot summer's day.



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The woodland walk to and from Dunwich Beach is much to be recommended. A wide footpath or trackway in places, leads through mature woodland, with stands of pine and broadleaved trees, past woodland homes and into Westleton Road, and then joins up with the footpath to Greyfriars and thence the beach.

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The location of the Greyfriars remains today is within an area of grass and enclosed by its wall and the woods to the south and  cliffs to the east.

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The northern wall and gate is the most complete remains of the Franciscan Friary, with its core of flints and dressed stone edging.

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The entrance to the site from the road to Dunwich beach is a well-kept area and has an information board.

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Towards the beach down the hill to Dunwich; the turning for the beach being just before reaching the black-tarred building.


An overlook of Dingle Marshes, towards the north and Little Dingle and Dingle House.


The beach cafe does a fine trade in its renowned Fish and Chips lunches on a sunny day at Whitsun.


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Fieldwork  2005