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Dunwich Forest, Beach and Heath  19 November 2004


Dunwich Beach 2000


Fieldwork in May 2001

Dunwich Beach 2001  taken  Sunday 13 May 2001

Dunwich Beach Fieldwork & Sizewell 21 May 2001

Dunwich Beach Fieldwork & Thorpeness 24 May 2001


Dunwich Heath - the main areas of study in Spring 2002


Fieldwork in May 2002

Dunwich Beach -Wednesday and Thursday

Dunwich - tourism pressures

Dunwich - management practices


Fieldwork in May 2003

Beach photographs from Mon 20 May and Friday 23 May 2003

Photos from Mr Duncan of the tourist pressures


Fieldwork in May 2004 Sunday 16, Tuesday 25,  and Thursday 27 May


Fieldwork in May 2004

Dunwich Forest and Heath November 2004


Dunwich update April and May 2005


Dunwich beach and Dingle Marsh breach 29 Nov 2006

Dunwich beach and Dingle Marsh update 19 May 2007


Dunwich Heath May 19 2007









Pine trees in Dunwich Forest  ... to the








  north of the village.

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Dunwich Beach


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Erosion of the cliffs at the beach has been slight in recent years, but some evidence here that mass movement is taking place, albeit infrequently.

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Dunwich Heath update -










Made with Memory Map - Dunwich Heath is seen here is 1:50,000 topographical map (centre) and 3-D views either side.













a new motorised buggy for the disabled was on show ..


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Work was underway for the improvement of disabled parking, with a number of bays in front of the Coastguard Cottages ...

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.. a level concrete surface would then be available to access the services of the centre.


Standing water on the heathland is rare ... but car park compaction helps!

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Coastguard Cottages from the overlook towards Minsmere.


Minsmere beach in a blow!


The track to the beach, with the protected bird's breeding grounds on the beach crest.

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Access to the beach at Dunwich Heath - with the area cordoned off to prevent tourist-induced prevention ... suitably signed!


Dunwich Cliffs from Minsmere Beach - looking north.

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