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Easton Bavents and North Southwold   June 2006


Covehithe   June 2000

Covehithe   February 2002  rapid gullying and further cliff recession .. also a look at Benacre.
Covehithe   November 19 2004


Easton Bavents November  2004

Easton Bavents and North Southwold   June 2006


Easton Bavents, Southwold, Dunwich & Sizewell  December 2008

Southwold to Kessingland via Easton Bavents and Covehithe  5 September 2009

1 - Southwold pier and town defences to Mr Boggis' defences

2 - Easton cliffs and Broad to Covehithe Broad

3 - Covehithe cliffs to Benacre Broad and towards Kessingland - and back




Movie of Beach Replenishment


The sea wall and a general view to the north at Southwold

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1024-2-1024-P1040768.JPG  107KB

A tighter view of  the scene above, showing more of the construction activity. The rock groynes can be seen to the right and the threatened coastal hamlet of Easton Bavents on the skyline.

1024-P1040769.JPG  167KB


1024-2-1024-P1040769.JPG  127KB



The rock groyne and pier in relation to each other.


A break in the rock groyne allows the machinery to move along the newly-seeded beach.


The dredger sat several hundred yards offshore.

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The bulldozer moved the beach material about to grade the new beach evenly, the sand having come ashore as a slurry in a large bore pipeline, from the dredger  offshore.

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1024-P1040774.JPG  207KB

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Three views of the bulldozer doing its work; a fair crowd having gathered to watch expertly handled to push the sand about, and avoid being swamped by the irregular levels on the beach - it kept moving!

1024-P1040776.JPG  256KB


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The sluicing waters flow back to the sea alongside the rock groyne.



Recycling the valuable groyne timbers seems a good idea.

1024-P1040781.JPG  213KB

1024-P1040783.JPG  231KB



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A wasteland of plant and maimed groyne timbers. The car park and beach huts line the skyline.


The northern end of the sea defences at Southwold, marked by an embryo rock groyne.


Topsoil at the beach, brought in with a view to defending the houses at Easton Bavents, now severely eroded.

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Rip rap placed casually in front of the bungalow, just being stored here than an attempt to create sea defences.

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1024-P1040790.JPG  181KB



1024-P1040792.JPG  275KB


A wide view of the storage arrangements on the cliff shelf.


The current situation sees the dredger's pipeline and rip-rap stored beneath the bungalow's cliff.


An overview of the Southwold site, from the roadway leading to Easton Bavents. The current work defends the low land and therefore the town - leaving the cliffs to retreat.

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1024-P1040794.JPG  243KB



1024-P1040795.JPG  170KB

The recovered groyne timbers are stacked, ready for sale.



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