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Felixstowe Ferry   14 July  2006


Felixstowe Ferry 10 Feb 2002

Felixstowe Ferry July 2006

Felixstowe Ferry  February 2007

Felixstowe Front and Ferry November 2007 and 25 March 2008

Felixstowe Ferry 4 July 2008

Felixstowe Ferry 18 March 2009


Felixstowe Front 19/20 September 2008

Felixstowe Front 10 Feb 2002

Felixstowe- Landguard Point



The rock groynes at Felixstowe Ferry  have, in their northern reaches at least, been made redundant, by the growth of the spit on the southern bank of the River Deben.

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A few metres to the South, beyond the protection of the spit, the groynes do the work they were built for.

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A large lagoon divides the spit from the sea front, and is showing signs of trapping soil-like material in its slack waters.

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The end of the spit is recurving and the left and right hand shots show the shingle formations at this point. The centre photo illustrates mud-like deposits. Will vegetation follow?

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The end of the spit grows with every wave, and you can see it happening in real time! The centre photograph provides an overview of the shingle spit.

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A fair sea was running, and new defences are showing their worth. The navigation buoy shows just how close to shore the channel is, and with shifting shingle banks and a north-easterly, this is an entrance that must command respect!

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Some shots of the new rip rap defences, and a look southwards at the Martello Tower with well-established shingle in front of its sea wall.

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Rip rap now fronts the established concrete sea wall defences of Felixstowe.


A rock groyne .. and the engulfing spit!


The end of the spit - and a freighter leaving the port of Felixstowe.

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A pleasure beach of shingle .... groynes, sea walls and concrete mattresses!




Traditional sea wall defences and traditional beach huts!





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Felixstowe Ferry from Bawdsey     2304-P1050098.JPG  258KB






To access the northern arm of the shingle banks you have to walk by a sheet-piling defence, which defines the channel in places.

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On the Bawdsey shore there has been some colonisation beyond the sheet-piling. The right-hand pair of shots show a fair sea moving the shingle beach to the South .. with Bawdsey Manor prominent in the centre photo.

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The spit and the land beyond. Accumulations of white sea shells make a strand-line

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