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Felixstowe Ferry   


Felixstowe Ferry 10 Feb 2002

Felixstowe Ferry July 2006

Felixstowe Ferry  February 2007

Felixstowe Front and Ferry November 2007 and 25 March 2008

Felixstowe Ferry 4 July 2008

Felixstowe Ferry 18 March 2009


Felixstowe Front 19/20 September 2008

Felixstowe Front 10 Feb 2002

Felixstowe- Landguard Point





10 Feb 2002


The Martello Tower and buildings at Felixstowe Ferry. The gold course lines the area between the shoreline and Cliff Road. The River Deben fringes the right of the shot, and is marked by an embankment.


Area on Multimap

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Groynes and stepped sea defences line the shore below cliff road. A useful car park marks the horizon of this shot.


A ness feature protrudes beyond the sea wall, guarding the first of two Martello Towers on this section of coastline. The foreground reveals rip-rap and some beach seeding.


The ness feature is stable enough to be largely vegetated.



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A yacht takes the full force of a SW gale as it emerges from the Deben. The shore here is coming under pressure from a growing offshore bar. River water is funnelled along the shore line, eroding it.


The Yacht Club clubhouse is on the left, and the shoreline has been reinforced by flexible concrete segments, each about the size of a brick.



A wonderfully colourful dwelling on the shoreline at Felixstowe Ferry.

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The ferry mooring and part of the marina  area at Felixstowe Ferry.


Lobster pots on the shoreline.


The foot ferry, with waiting ferryman!

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Golf, the Martello Tower and Felixstowe Ferry in the distance.


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25 February 2006




The extension of the River Deben spit can be seen here building up in front of the promenade.

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Views towards Bawdsey Manor contain, at this state of the tide, more land than sea, such is the size of the shingle banks on both banks of the Deben.

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The River Deben has swung into the southern shore, eroding it back to its footpath and sea defences; this has necessitated putting in rip rap, and reinforcing the bank behind it .. .although there is some loss of shingle down between the boulders.

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Plant left on the promenade during the construction phase.

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Backwaters behind the new shingle bank are filling up with sediment and some vegetation, as succession is initiated.




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At the ferry itself a bitter wind ensures there is minimal activity.




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The old groynes are being engulfed by the growing spit. Will it continue to grow, or will it wither away as sea conditions change?






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