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 Felixstowe Front 10 Feb 2002

Felixstowe Ferry 10 Feb 2002

Felixstowe Ferry July 2006

Felixstowe Ferry  February 2007

Felixstowe Front and Ferry November 2007 and 25 March 2008

Felixstowe Ferry 4 July 2008

Felixstowe Ferry 18 March 2009


Felixstowe Front 19/20 September 2008

Felixstowe Front 10 Feb 2002

Felixstowe- Landguard Point



Felixstowe Docks from the observation area next to Landguard fort. This is shown by a viewpoint on the OS map, see Mapview.


The docks are in the distance, in this shot from Undercliff Road East.


A close shot of the giant cranes and the containers at the port.

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10 Feb 2002


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10 Feb 2002


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10 Feb 2002





The beach at Felixstowe lies to the south of the pier and fronts an area of hotels, then amusements. It is a primary holiday attraction. However, erosion has lowered this beach, which is now distinctly gritty, and is now eroding the concrete groynes. High tides regularly throw shingle over the promenade that backs the beach.


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A barrier of gardens separate the beach from the roadway, which is protected by walls and flood doors.


A vista of broken groynes.


Shingle thrown over the promenade next to the telescope.

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More views of the erosion presently taking place. Blocks have been removed from the groynes, leaving the beach littered and being severely lowered. A fast food hut has had one set of supports removed!

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Groynes and rip-rap line the shore at Undercliff Road East. The pleasure beach and docks mark the skyline.


1024-02100027.jpg  126kb  10 Feb 2002




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Low tide but a lively sea at Undercliff Road East.


A monument tetrahedra on the promenade at Undercliff Road East.


Defence works at Undercliff Road East, comprise of concrete tetrahedra.

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