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Felixstowe - Landguard Point  21 June 2006

Felixstowe Ferry 10 Feb 2002

Felixstowe Ferry July 2006

Felixstowe Ferry  February 2007

Felixstowe Front and Ferry November 2007 and 25 March 2008


Felixstowe Ferry 4 July 2008

Felixstowe Ferry 18 March 2009


Felixstowe Front 19/20 September 2008

Felixstowe Front 10 Feb 2002

Felixstowe- Landguard Point


The viewing point at Felixstowe Docks gets you close to the action!


A modern container-carrier dwarfing the quayside van. Surely ships should have round funnels along the centreline and not painted like a lollipop! 


Landguard Point from the observation point; where the foot ferry to Harwich also operates.

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A display board informs visitors of the layout and natural attractions of the site.

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Remains of the old rail jetty, crumbling in the Sun. but full of textures, shapes and colours for the photographer! The shingle beach of the reserve ends here; the other side of the structure has the beach largely penned behind concrete defences.

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The defences have been broken up to a degree, but the rail head is no longer used and so the defences are not strictly needed.

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Landguard Point provides an excellent view of the Haven area, with the port of Felixstowe on the right and the town of Harwich and  Parkeston Quay low on the Essex shore, separated by Shotley.


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The shingle beach is part of a spit, protecting the Orwell estuary from the East; presumably some of the dock area is built on these deposits.

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Anti-invasion concrete blocks and a blockhouse slowly decay - and provide good examples of weathering.  The vegetation provide a similarly strong example of colonisation!

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The town of Felixstowe and its beach can be seen from Landguard. This beach is now under considerable pressure from beach removal.


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The beach has dropped so much that a cafe, built on stilts, had finally to be demolished in this area. Now workmen remove adjoining concrete groynes. The damage to the asphalted promenade will need immediate intervention in this tourist town.

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