The Geography Department


Fingringhoe  pictures from one of the fieldwork visits in 2004


Clackton-on-Sea May 2001

Jaywick February 15 2002

South Clacton February 15 2002


Cudmore Grove 29 Aug 2001


Fingringhoe 2004 


Frinton 26 Jul 2001


Seawick Road   2 January 2005


Stour Estuary and Brantham  December 2004



The marsh lies on the west bank of the River Colne, opposite Thorrington.


The north edge of the marsh is this sea wall protecting arable land.




Fieldwork kit.


Marsh edge in centre of site.

Marsh edge  north end of site.

Types of pan and succession around them - middle marsh




upper marsh






central marsh






Mouth of north creek

Mouth middle creek




Banks of the middle creek near sea

Vegetation and sediment infilling creek in upper marsh.




Infilling of creek almost complete as pioneer species reclaim last mud.






Fieldwork groups scattered across the site.

Using the plant sheet to complete a quadrat record.



Using a point sampler and soil test kit on a transect.

Belt sampling from the shore of a pan.

Location of a quadrat by random numbers within a 20m square on upper marsh - old cliff line behind.



Transects on the upper marsh.


Recording point samples on transect, middle marsh.




Transect lower marsh