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Happisburgh  January 2005


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Revetments to the north of the  steel beach access at Happisburgh; the damage to these structures accumulates.

The beach below the public car park will soon claim another structure.

Sad remnants of the old revetments.

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The dislodged and broken concrete defences lie at odd angles with the twisted steelwork from the revetments.

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Little remains of the previous defences; even  the steel piling is being twisted and eaten away.

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A beach of fine sand has developed behind the line of rip rap, but these boulders were too few and at too low a level to restrain the erosion.

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Some further views of the defences, looking towards the reefs at Sea Palling (centre) and the wasteland of  agonised steel on the right.

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The most effective barrier to the sea continues to be the hoard of buried scaffolding poles that, with a few boulders, defy the waves.

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Two views of the scaffolding headland, at the southern end of Happisburgh Beach, and a shot across the inlet towards the north and the remaining cliff top structures next to the car park.

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From the outcrop you can see the 'at-risk' properties from the guest house to the car park. A brick tank has been exposed in the cliffs ... and can be seen from the beach and along the cliff.

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Two views of  Happisburgh - one a tight shot of the other



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