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Ipswich Docks Development   June, & October 2006


Ipswich Urban Transect 1 Town Centre to Copdock Mill

Ipswich - Norwich Road -  outer city areas

Ipswich Town Centre -VIth Form photos

Housing types - Norwich & Handford Road - inner city areas

Ipswich - Ravenswood (Airport site development)

Ipswich Urban Transect 2- Foxhall Road 

Orwell Bridge - views of Ipswich from the Orwell Bridge

Ipswich Docks Development

20 May 2006


Shot during demolition of old maltings buildings alongside Ipswich Docks. The area is being redeveloped for leisure, including a marina, eating and entertainment .. and eventually, education.



The railway lines crossing out from St Peter's Wharf to Bridge Street.


Albion Wharf and the silos hat front it.


Albion Wharf looking east towards the other quays and the marina and new housing.

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The frontage of Albion Wharf is being redeveloped, but the large silo would have, I guess, been demolished first were it scheduled for the chop.

768-P1040520.JPG  263KB



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The old industrial building reveal their decor, their layout and their pipework!

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Albion Wharf with its buildings, where present, of a mill and warehouses ... and a maltlhouse.

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The site of the malthouse has been levelled, save for piles of concrete and iron bar hard core.

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A prophetic sign next to the name plaque.


A guide captures his audience outside the Custom House.


Fixtures from an industrial age.

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1024-P1040543.JPG  253KB


1024-P1040553.JPG  189KB


College Street is seeing its share of demolition, but it will be interesting to see how no.4 , left and right photos, is treated; it is in sore need of remedial action, especially from the passage of heavy traffic close nearby.

1024-P1040551.JPG  244K

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21 September 2006


These images were taken as an extension of the Foxhall Road photographs; they link the arterial road with inner-city redevelopment/historical conservation.




Some general shots of the marina on a perfect morning.

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1024-P1050849.JPG  202KB


1024-P1050834.JPG  226KB

The older, commercial sailing vessels  favour the marina with additional interest - a tourist draw.




Wherry Quay and its now-isolated columns.


1024-P1050836.JPG  196KB





1024-P1050856.JPG  177KB


Neptune Quay and, on the right, Orwell Quay


1024-P1050841.JPG  203KB


1024-P1050840.JPG  246KB







12 October 2006


.. a return to the docks area with a little more time.


More demolition of old mills and warehouses, as seen from Key Street.


The malthouse site on Wherry Quay seems ready now for development.


768-P1060064.JPG  204KB



1024-P1060070.JPG  221KB


The malthouse site again, with excavations under way. As this site is adjacent to the Custom House any new building here will come under close scrutiny.

1024-P1060067.JPG  251KB

1024-P1060068.JPG   276KB



1024-P1060065.JPG  181KB


Left and right photographs feature the waste-ground car park between Neptune Quay, Fore Street and Coprolite Street. Centre is waste land behind Orwell Quay.

1024-P1060049.JPG  168KB

1024-P1060054.JPG  134KB



1024-P1060052.JPG  278KB


The marina is such an attractive backdrop  ...


Neptune Quay and the housing developments behind.


...  especially on a bright day

1024-P1060053.JPG  239KB

1024-P1060055.JPG  252KB



1024-P1060051.JPG  243KB


Wherry's Lane, now with smart signpost.


A nostalgia feature.


A fine view over the quays attracts artists.

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1024-P1060057.JPG  222KB



768-P1060076.JPG  230KB


From the steps of the Custom House over Common Quay, where, after the welcoming drinks, a 'jolly' was about to move off


The Custom House from Orwell Quay.


Again from the steps of The Custom House towards Wherry Quay.

1024-P1060071.JPG  252KB

1024-P1060056.JPG  145KB



1024-P1060075.JPG  231KB



View down Common Quay/Wherry Quay.


In the arch below the stairs to the Custom House is this wonderful honey-coloured stone.


Dining is available on the water - 'The Brasserie'.

1024-P1060073.JPG  243KB

1024-P1060069.JPG  191KB



1024-P1060077.JPG  231KB


Morning coffee is taken on the waterside; many students from Suffolk College were also taking a break by the river and eating their lunch.


This community of new town houses  is gated off from the quays, but is open on the town side.


'Bistro on the Quay' on Wherry Quay. Smart eating and drinking establishments have been established in this leisure-driven complex.

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