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Foxhall Road Transect, Ipswich   21 September and 12 October 2006


Ipswich Urban Transect 1 Town Centre to Copdock Mill

Ipswich - Norwich Road -  outer city areas

Ipswich Town Centre -VIth Form photos

Housing types - Norwich & Handford Road - inner city areas

Ipswich - Ravenswood (Airport site development)

Ipswich Urban Transect 2- Foxhall Road 

Orwell Bridge - views of Ipswich from the Orwell Bridge

Ipswich Docks Development


CBD Fringe - Zone of Transition



St Peter's Church stands on the skyline with offices of the CBD, with typical transition zone activities (parking on waste ground) in the foreground.



Within a stone's throw of St Peter's is St Mary at the Quay Church, now disused. I wonder why two such substantial churches are so close?

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Waste land - next to Coprolite Street





The malthouse site with large quantities of mixed gravels awaiting use.

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1024-P1050857.JPG  254KB


Fore Street - unimproved and traffic-bound.


Fore Street leads to the CBD- at the junction with Key Street, an area of environmental improvement.


Fore Street, with Grimwade Street entering from the right. New building here, including Lyndon House, the Salvation Army centre.

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The roundabout at the bottom of Back Hamlet, where it meets Fore Hamlet, Duke Street and Fore Street.

1024-P1060045.JPG  181KB



The roundabout shown above has views through to the docks and new developments of Suffolk College (centre). Meanwhile, building work carries on at the foot of Back Hamlet.

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1024-P1060048.JPG  161KB



1024-P1050825.JPG  216KB


these are all views climbing Back Hamlet; firstly of tunnel-back housing, then a pedestrian entrance to Suffolk college, and then and entrance to Alexandra Park.


1024-P1060043.JPG  350KB



1024-P1060042.JPG  324KB


Housing types in Back Hamlet, all in sequence away from the city centre; the junction with Devonshire Road, a terraced road, the rear of housing facing Grove Lane and finally Foxhall Road .. leading down Grove Lane.

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Substantial older semi-detached houses in Foxhall Road .. but suffering from bin blight!


The following shots are of a parade of shops in the Foxhall Road between Wellesley Road and Ruskin Road. There is a convenience fast food outlet ...

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1024-P1050863.JPG  269KB



1024-P1060038.JPG  244KB


... but other shops are either specialist or for leisure interests, including a tanning shop.


Regular bus services ply this road.



The junction between Foxhall Road and Ruskin Road, home to a corner store

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The Corner of Newton Road, looking back down Foxhall Road to the centre .. and from almost the same spot, Fuchsia Lane joining from the right.


The railway line to Felixstowe, crossing beneath Foxhall Road just short of the Derby Road junction.

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1024-P1050864.JPG  286KB



Foxhall Road is crossed by Derby Road- an important junction.


On the left of the photo is the entrance to the new residential development, looking towards the town centre and the junction with Derby Road.


Brownfield development of homes on the site of a factory.  The factory is still on maps and Local Live

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1024-P1050889.JPG  199KB



1024-P1050870.JPG  171KB



Junction of Parliament  Road and Foxhall Road . Pubs are common on corners in Victorian and Edwardian housing areas


The grounds of St Clement's Hospital - just opposite Roy Avenue.

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Roy Avenue- opposite the Hospital


St Clement's Hospital - main entrance.


Housing opposite the main entrance to the hospital.

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1024-P1050877.JPG  225KB

1024-P1050878.JPG  188KB







The entrance to Copleston School


Substantial detached dwelling appear for the first time and continue to the roundabout with Heath Road/Bixley Road.


As the roundabout is approached, Foxhall Road is decidedly in the leafy suburbs category.

1024-P1050879.JPG  287KB

1024-P1050880.JPG  266KB


1024-P1050884.JPG  310KB




Opposite these detached houses is the accommodation formerly used by nurses and other staff at local hospitals. This is now being let out. Pearson Road, on the right, with its blocks of low-rise flats.


Pearson Road, with part of Heath Road Hospital in the background.

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1024-P1050882.JPG  289KB

1024-P1050883.JPG  229KB



The Foxhall/Heath/Bixley Roads roundabout, well-known to all travelling to the district hospital! A suburban parade serves local, convenience and specialist needs (fireworks).


The junction is quite strategic in the road system of this part of Ipswich.


Outwards, beyond the roundabout, housing continues in more modest styles, reverting to that which might me expected nearer the centre.

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1024-P1050887.JPG  182KB




Well-maintained frontages become the rule.


Semi's and bungalow's take over.


A modern estate branches off Foxhall Road; this one being Brookhill Way.

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