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Ravenswood - Ipswich Airport site development   Jan 2006


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Ravenswood is located on the site of the old Ipswich Airport, with the A14 on its southern edge (but not built up yet), Gainsborough to the west, and Priory Heath and Ransomes Europark to the north and east. The whole area is part of Gainsborough Ward.

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A multitude of signs welcome you to the development - on the Nacton Road coming from the A14.

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These photographs were taken from the large mound to the south - and face north. They swing from left to right, showing the sports field on the development's western boundary, the central focus of the project, and building work on the right.

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Details of how pedestrians, cyclists and bus users are catered for within the system of local roads and tracks.

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Design features of some of the housing; the housing on the left shot is visited again in October - see the later shots below.

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Building work .. and the sales office.

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The broad swathe of  a genuine boulevard, with central green space serving recreation as well as human-powered movement, is really refreshing, and marks the development up in my view.

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A small build, away from the main estate, is of a more daring architectural quality .. whilst for most the regularity and reliability of the bus service is more relevant!

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12 October 2006





The central area now contains a sculpture, promises of a new play area, and some intriguing depressions - which might well turn out to be ponds.

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New developments are invited according to this board.


Opposite the advertised land the housing is showing signs of acquiring greenery ...


.. and a more lived-in feel.

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An unusual street-light, in the shape of a domestic light fitting.


Either the new owners wanted the window bricked up .. or it is a design feature!


Infill ... close to areas already completed, must irritate those already installed!

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Details of the housing plans - with barrier-protected walkways, home area designations - and a more intimate feel than other areas of the development.

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There were a number of neighbourhood play areas seen on my walk through and, even now, details such as the wooden bollards being put in. Perhaps the tight corners led to vehicles regularly mounting the pavement?

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Ravenswood Community Primary School - on of the most imposing architectural examples, and placed very centrally in the scheme.


Walkways under construction in the central boulevard area - views back to the sculpture.


A detail from outside the primary school - a fetching intimate learning scene.

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An crescent of town houses face open land in front of the old airport terminal building.


The terminal building itself is listed and will be retained.


Screwed to a wooden post is a stainless steel hand ... any ideas?

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