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Ipswich Urban Transect 1 Town Centre to Copdock Mill

Ipswich - Norwich Road -  outer city areas

Ipswich Town Centre -VIth Form photos

Housing types - Norwich & Handford Road - inner city areas

Ipswich - Ravenswood (Airport site development)

Ipswich Urban Transect 2- Foxhall Road 

Orwell Bridge - views of Ipswich from the Orwell Bridge

Ipswich Docks Development



The Buttermarket shopping mall includes Allders department store.

There is a clear status gradient in Butter Market.  West of the Ancient House there are more specialist national names, and larger shops.  The north side of the street is higher status.

East of the Ancient House BHS has a large store on the south side, and the north side is smaller specialist shops


main entrance in St Stephen's Lane


The church is disused

Butter Market looking W to Princes St.

Butter Market looking to Princes St.

Ancient House, central Butter Market

Ancient House, central Butter Market

Butter Market, Upper Brook St. end

Specialist shops in historic Dial Lane

Upper Brook St. is part of the one-way system encircling the main shopping area.  Frequent bus services include the three park-and-rides.

Shops are small, include many charity outlets and empty shops, though pedestrian levels are quite high



Upper Brook St.

Upper Brook St.

Upper Brook St.


Upper Orwell Street is in a mixed state - the north is awaiting redevelopment, the south beginning to benefit from the renovation and rise in status of the docks


North end, cluster of fast food outlets near cinemas and college

Awaiting redevelopment.  The Coop car park is behind the fence

South end redevelopment

Orwell Place

Eagle Street is a major east-west route, and carries a lot of pedestrians in term-time

Rope Walk leads to council offices and Suffolk College, so its residential status is anomalous

The junctions near St Margaret's Green are an entertainment area, with two cinemas (one multi-screen, the other also a theatre), and several pubs and clubs



pub and club

Christchurch Park lies close to the north-east of the CBD

Soane St


Fonnerau Road


Crown Street serves the back of the main shops to the south, including the Tower Ramparts shopping mall.  The north side has been extensively redeveloped with a swimming pools complex and office blocks



Tower ramparts bus station and mall

bus station and shopping mall


Extensive car parking behind the main shopping street


Crown Pools


Offices in Crown St


CENTRAL RETAIL SPINE, Carr St., Tavern St., Corn Hill, Westgate, Norwich Road



Carr St. was higher status in 1908.  Now there are still many large stores, but also charity shops and empty sites.  The mall developed on the north side in the 70s failed, and the Coop has recently left their second building


pictures run east-west



The Coop is updating, but has left the nearest block

Extensive parking behind the main shops

 Carr St., high pedestrian density

Redevelopment.  The failed mall was behind the shops on the north side

South side Carr St., Woolworths and Coop in the distance

Tavern Street is the next in the east-west retail spine.  It is inside the one-way system, and joins Corn Hill at the west end


Tavern St., junction Upper Brook St.

Tavern St., junction Upper Brook St.

Looking towards Tower Ramparts, Sunday lunchtime

Busy even on a Sunday

The mock-medieval area dating from the 1930's opposite Tower Ramparts

Tower Ramparts shopping mall includes Littlewoods

Tavern Street is a continuation of the main retail spine in Ipswich.  Banks cluster at the Corn Hill end, and there is a wide range of stores.  Many are in historic buildings

National chains cluster around Tower Ramparts entrance


Tavern St looking to Corn Hill

Corn Hill retains its importance in the CBD with a busy market and entertainment functions as well as retail




south side

SE corner, banks and theatre, to Princes St

North-west corner, leading to Westgate

Lloyds Bank Passage, north side

Same street, from other end, on Sunday

Westgate entrance, Sunday lunchtime

Regional entertainments function

West side Corn Hill, Sunday lunchtime

East side, start of Tavern St

Westgate leaves Corn Hill by the NW corner, and leads to over a kilometre of retail.  There are a few national chain stores near the centre, but the vast majority of the shops are small outlets

Photos are from east to west




Debenhams, a prime location next to Corn Hill


Major national names near Debenhams. M+S on L

Large M+S with 3 retail floors


Mixed commercial and retail by Museum St junction


Specialist shops further west

St Matthew's St leads to the Norwich Road, a major route in Ipswich, serving extensive, historically wealthy suburbs.


There are few food shops in the CBD

St Matthew's St carries on Westgate with more specialist outlets in a run-down 70s development



A long-established high class shop just outside the main CBD


Traces of the stage coach era


Shops become smaller and have dwellings above


Solid victorian housing in Orford St has been gentrified


Thriving corner shop provides a local service for this residential area a couple of minutes from the main road


Ann St off Orford ST - gentrification


Small shops continue as far as the pub


Restaurant area

Rose and Crown marks the end of the shops



There are two main routes through this area - Princes Street, and Queen St/St Nicholas St/St Peter St


The south-west part of the CBD is being extensively redeveloped and reimaged as Ipswich Village.

The inner CBD has a high proportion of law and finance, centred around the police station and law courts.  There are major insurance offices further out on the inner ring road, and many associated services.



After the pub there is residential, with the big houses divided into flats

Civic Drive looking S towards Princes St from police station


Axa dominates this part of the ring road


Car parking for the offices - on weekdays, football matches (stadium is to L) Sunday empty


Elm St has the police station and courts at this west end, and is almost 100% legal offices


Junction Elm St and Museum St


The legal district comes right into the central CBD behind Corn Hill



Museum St looking N to Westgate


Princes St leads from Corn Hill to the Station, mostly through office and commercial areas


King St, legal/entertainment district.  Retail in Butter Market in the background



Junction with King St and Butter Market, mostly finance offices



South of the ring road there were many garages, some now developed for leisure


Looking back north to the retail area


The Willis building opposite Axa


The Stadium



The Portman Road stadium and associated office/hotel development dominate this area


The open aspect is due to redevelopment in the foreground.  The road rises to bridge the River Orwell



Queen St junction with Butter Market and Princes St, just south of Corn Hill


St Nicholas Street has many restaurants and fast food outlets at its northern end --..


- opposite the Wills building


St Peter St benefits from traffic calming


Junction St Peter and Star Lane - positive effects of Cardinal Park and the dock redevelopment


This route ends in Cardinal Park, a major redevelopment effort


Cardinal Park has much service industry - warehousing, Post Office, Fire Station, and new Law Courts.  Retail is also important with many out-of-town stores such as Staples, but the Cinema complex attracts customers from the whole region


Franciscan Way, looking N towards Civic Drive




Massive car parking capacity


Night club and fitness, there are food outlets to the R


food as entertainment



Storage and a hotel complete the development


Even more parking on disused sites by the river


SOUTH AND SOUTH-EAST This area includes the semi derelict industrial district around the docks, which is rapidly changing as waterfront properties are developed and the dock opened up for water sport.  This boost is revitalising the whole area, and properties between Albion Quay and the CBD are benefiting


View from outside the Novotel


The Bridge St river crossing and Star lane one-way system are very busy at all times


One of the maltings is still operational

Large areas are vacant behind the Quay

Two moths later developers are working on one of the industrial buildings

Albion Quay is very attractive to investment.  The docks are moving east, releasing land for redevelopment.  The warehouse is now an hotel, and new flats are appearing daily


New exclusive apartments ----


--- the front of the building faces the marina.  Suffolk College should get the site to the L

Waterfront flats, improved quayside and marina

Listed building conversion, and upmarket food


Star Lane one way

The east end of star lane, junction with Lower Orwell Street, marks a change of land use to residential


Foundation St looking towards the docks

Fore Street shows signs of positive improvement in the foreground.  In the background is the start of the retail area and  Orwell Place


Orwell Place is also improving

High density affordable housing

The Old Cattle Market bus station between Turret Lane and the Buttermarket mall