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Ireland  August 2005


Inishowen Peninsula - Foyleside and Malin

Inishowen - Moville & Redcastle


Antrim Coast


Donegal - Magheraroaty &Tory Island


Bundoran - the road home


Inishowen shoreline



Several shots of the Ulster coastline opposite Inishowen, namely the sand spit of  Magilligan Point, now the subject of a new ferry crossing from Greencastle.

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Beyond Greencastle is Cornashamma Bay and its colony of jet-ski enthusiasts, although White Stand (left) and the Bay itself still retain its pristine beauty .. just turn off the sound!

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This delightful view is obtained by motoring up the steep incline beyond Danagree Point, and walking past the sheep to the overlook. You may wish to spot the raised beaches amidst the rock ribs of this transverse coastline!

800-P1020554.JPG  143Kb

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Malin Village and Malin Head



Malin village is over the stone bridge and is a charming settlement surrounding a large green. The estuary on the right is the other component of this spot .. where a picnic table has been provided. The Irish have also provided a brace of routes to get to Malin Head, either of which is just fine!

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The view from Malin Head along the northernmost coastline of Ireland really does allow spotters of raised beaches to get down to serious work!

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800-P1020536.JPG  137Kb


In these photographs I have picked out further details of the landscape; the layered storm beach on the right, the stacks and headlands, and the human landscape of settlement along the coast road.

800-P1020539.JPG 144Kb




The coast road looks out on Inishtrahull Island and a dangerous collection of rock ribs. This bay can be seen from the landscape photos above.

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One popular beach on the Inishowen Peninsula is at Culdaff - but as can be seen, suffers from crowds!


A thunderhead develops over Inishowen - taken whilst returning from Inch Island.

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Inch Island





A charming bump of land that is connected to the Inishowen Peninsula by a causeway is Inch Island. On the left is the view looking north across Lough Swilly, and the centre and right shots are of a particularly favoured spot.

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