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North Norfolk 2002       31 Aug 2002                                                 


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Looking towards Cromer Pier from the edge of the car park above the steps/ramp access to the undercliff at Overstrand.


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Coast protection measures from the end of the concreted promenade. These include, in the foreground, concreted-in sheet-piling, boulders caged in-between wooden posts, and then the wooden revetments so characteristic of this coast. The beach behind the defences is stony.


An aerial view of the gabions (wired cages filled with stones) from the pathway to the cliff top.


Hard defences, in the form of a stepped section of sea wall .. at high tide.


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West Runton




A view towards Cromer (you  can see the pier) and the high cliffs of East Runton. These will be the focus of future trips, to investigate the chalk boulders and ice-wedges of this area.


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A trio of pictures of the revetments at West Runton. Beach access  here has been the subject of massive concrete intervention here.


Looking towards the west, this view shows the nature of the whole width of the beach, the defences and the nature of the backing cliffs.



Beach material features again in this shot, and the ability of the swash to penetrate the barrier. At very high tides the revetments become less relevant and the waves surge in to reduce the cliffs behind.

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The beach and cliffs at West Runton, with a displaced block of cliffs slide seawards in the distance.



The sudden steepness of the cliff profile indicates  wave attack, whilst the sandy nature of the cliff material is evident on the slopes above.


A close-up of the slump shown in the previous shot, a massive toe of materials still preserved on the beach, which indicated no great erosive event recently.

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