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Compton Chamberlayne views 2013



28 July 2013



The object of the walk was to get near the Australian badge above Compton, just over the skyline in the centre of the photograph.





Access to the Downs is by the tree-lined track and then straight up the scarp face, in heat and humidity; views to the north.



Compton Chamberlayne seen from the Downs nestling in the trees, left and right ... with Baverstock house picked out on the right, both looking north. In the centre is the barley on very thin chalk soils..



Farmer signed up to a conservation scheme ... and a sort of  orchid and thought it was one of only a few. further along there were thousands of them!


Castellated residence at the side of the A30 on the way back to the car.



Compton Cricket Ground, left and right, with a stylish pavilion and even practice nets! A far cry from my time playing for Compton, when the cows were turned out before the match ... maybe exaggerating! Right is a photo from across the cricket ground to some of the houses that line the road, and centre, the turning to the village off the A30.



30 July 2013



By the war graves.




Village sign, war graves steps and concrete sign ... you can read the notices!





Details near the war graves site.


The village hall, down a side lane, left. Up the street ... facing north; a case of ancient and modern!




Chocolate boxy near the entrance to Compton house and the church, right. you cannot enter via the drive, but must go through a door to the right to access the church. It was locked this particular Sunday morning!


Just across the road are a row of old people's bungalows ... and the views from the footpath next to them back to Compton house and church.