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Dinton colour 1967/8 to 1979


The church from above Doctor's hollow. trees growing from the far bank of the hollow have now eliminated this view, except through the branches in winter.




On the left is Lawes Cottage, in the centre is little Clarendon, and on the right is Fitz Farm ... before it was obscured by Leylandii.





The sunset was taken from the empty allotments at Spracklands over the long roofs of the farm buildings at fitz Farm. The house illuminated on the left is the home of the miss Lakes. This house was demolished and rebuilt by Gordon Lake when he married.


In the centre is The Forge, home of Jimmy Baker. The forge itself is to the left of the view, with an enamel sign showing on the wall. The Miss Lakes' house lies between.


The right-hand picture is of the East End Inn. It was run by Mr & Mrs Turner, and in the fifties and early sixties, was a place where one could buy ice cream. On a Sunday morning knocking on the back door was not well received ... a good reason to send the boy!




The Sandpit has now been fenced off to prevent access .. it always was dangerous. In this photograph vegetation has colonised the lower slopes, but in the fifties this was largely clear. Paths were cut across the face to access the woods beyond, and the tree with the V-shaped trunk had a catapult strung between its members. The rubber was from a tractor inner tube and would propel a rock almost to where the photo was taken.






On the left is is Hindon Road, with The Forge to the right of centre, and looking towards Little Clarendon in the west. The shed on the left has been demolished for housing alongside the B3089 road.

In the centre is a sunken Lane from Little Clarendon to the top road. The church of St. Mary is on the right, of course.




Manor Farm looking towards the south west and the ridge of Fovant woods.