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Dinton 27 28 & 30 July 2013



27 July 2013



The war memorial in the churchyard ... and the old post office, one of the last in the village, run by Mrs Gipson, a remarkably intelligent and kind lady and very fondly remembered.



At the rear of the nave; the coat of arms can be seen on the opposite wall to the organ










All the above I believe in the north transept .. including some old friends from the Dinton-Dalwood Letters!





The brass works in the chancel/apse, complete with unwelcome reflections ... but should be readable.


Towards the nave from the chancel; main entrance on the right and beyond that the font ... then organ. I was christened in the font, of course!


28 July 2013


The church from the SW corner, and the northern path, with twin Yew trees. The Old School would be on the left and Clarke's Farm on the right.


Dinton Lodge from the churchyard



Cotterells, close to the church on Snow Hill.




Left is a view from the playing field to the south-west, over Tyndale Meadow (newish houses) to Compton (hidden in the trees) and Compton Down. The centre is the west end of the church, looking north, and the right  hand shot is the gateway to Dinton Park and the bridleway to Teffont ... used for conveying corpses until the twenties, I think.





30 July 2013




Crossing the railway from the B3089 to the Mill ... left looking east towards French Horn Bridge and right towards Dinton Station. In the centre is the crossing ... with fearsome penalties for leaving the gate open!



Dinton Mill, approached from the Dinton side along a FP and over a side stream ... probably old irrigation or drainage watercourse.


Old Mill Stone in front of Greensand wall to the building.



The track behind the farmyards at East Farm. In the middle is the former home of Alicia, the Countess of Essex ... whose lawn I cut when I was about 13-14!


East End Cottages, left, looking very chocolate-boxy!





Manor Farm from the short drive off Sandhills Road, left and right, and from the public FP to Baverstock, centre.



The view from the public footpath to the back of Manor Farm ... a bit further on. This field had crops when I was young, in the early fifties, as I remember playing in the stooks of drying corn!






Dinton House from the track above, leading to the top road. A new footpath leads to public access to the woods. This is relatively new (last 20 years!) and it was strictly off limits in the past ... not that it meant anything to local boys!


From the track from the top road .. a view of the house and across the valley to the chalk downs of Swallowcliffe/Alvediston. The light green is the lawn in front of the house, separated from the park by a ha-ha.


Marshwood Farm, with the road to Wylye on the right and Grovely Wood on the skyline. Taken from the top road opposite the turning down to Philips House.


Field Barn - never seen this landscape so wooded. Certainly trees in the foreground and around Field Barn itself have all grown up in the last few decades. Field Barn was just a series of agricultural buildings, with a terrace of four houses for farm workers. A pump house and a diesel set pumped drinking water for the village ... cost about 1 a year. The terrace has been replaced by a luxury house  ... must have a look next time!