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Dinton and Compton Chamberlayne


30 April 2012


Compton Chamberlayne 30 April 2012

Compton Chamberlayne 30 April & 23 June 2012  The Memorial Book

Compton Chamberlayne 23 June 2012  Other Graves


Baverstock 21 October 2012


Fovant 21 October 2012 War Graves-1

Fovant 21 October 2012 War Graves-2

Fovant 21 October 2012 War Graves-3



















The road from Compton to the B3089 at the crossing of the River Nadder ... Horse Shoe Bridge. Stranded sheep .... bottom pic shows traces of the old water meadows, where channels were cut to irrigate the water meadow in summer. The river water covered the meadow, giving it moisture and silt, but also kept the frost off. An early flush of grass was thus obtained!

Horse Shoe Bridge & River Nadder


Looking east towards Hurdcott.






River Nadder from French Horn Bridge (B3089 over the railway)


Mile Post on the B3089 near footpath to Dinton Mill


Railway at footpath crossing from B3089 to Dinton Mill. Left towards Salisbury and the east, right to the west and Dinton Station.


Trees have grown up in the past 4-5 decades, obscuring once-fine views.


Both from the bridge over the line at Dinton Station



Pembroke Arms, Fovant