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Teffont Evias 30 July 2013



The church at Teffont Evias, St Michael's, is built close to the manor, both in Chilmark stone ... that was used in Salisbury Cathedral.





Looking from the tiny church grounds into the manor. The centre photo shows a lawn in which the primary school children from Dinton C of E Controlled (including most Teffont children) performed country dancing. There is a B&w photo of this somewhere of this most cringe worthy display. I hated country dancing!




From the road to Tisbury, of both church and manor. the lake in the foreground has filled up pretty much ... but the other side of the road is still open water.



The road through the village, lower Teffont in effect. Teffont is  probably the most beautiful and picturesque village I know, and it gets better when you get into Teffont Magna ... a fine line, 'though. the filled in casemated window is interesting.



Flowers growing at the stream margins.