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Corfe Castle

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Chesil Beach - 1998 storms  August 2000  April 2006  April 2007

Corfe Castle


Durdle Door - April 2006  April 2007



Furzy Cliffs


Kimmeridge Bay


Lulworth Cove  Colchester VIth Form College AS Fieldwork Oct 2001

Lulworth Cove  4 April 2007 am.

Lulworth Cove  4 April 2007 pm.


Old Harry Rocks

Old Harry Rocks April 2006


Osmington Mills



Swanage beach and cliffs


West Bay harbour engineering works Feb 2004

West Bay harbour defence works, October 2004

West Bay, harbour and cliffs, August 2005

White Nothe April 2006




May 2000


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The castle dominates a gap in the east-west chalk ridge that marks the entrance to the Isle of Purbeck. The gap in the hills at Corfe Castle is filled by the castle on its mound, leaving only a narrow cleft for all forms of transport south - to Swanage, and north to Wareham. This photograph is from East Hill to the WNW and shows both the road and railway that have to squeeze through the Corfe gap.


The village of Corfe Castle is a jewel in Purbeck stone, some of the finest in the country, and is a tourist 'honeypot'. With the necessity of travellers to Swanage to go through the village, the congestion in busy times of year is well-known. Beyond the village, the landscape is of clay and then gives way to limestone, which makes up the rugged coast of the southernmost part of Purbeck.


The village of Corfe Castle, showing its church and square.





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The station at Corfe is here the host for a 4MT train bringing visitors back to the terminus at Norden. As well as trips for tourists, the line is aiming to fulfil a role as a park-and-ride scheme, easing the pressure on the route through Corfe Castle, as well as parking in Swanage itself.


At one time, certainly in a GCSE exam question, the old railway line was one considered option for a by-pass for Corfe Castle. Just once, however, the railway has came back from the dead, and reoccupied its old track-bed and route. Here, from the base of East Hill, part of the village and castle can be seen beyond the Swanage Railway.


The castle is a tourist attraction in its own right. Defended with great tenacity in the Civil War, its fall to the parliamentary army was followed by its destruction. 



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April 2006





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A pair of view of Corfe from above Kingston, on the road to Langton Matravers. Its position as a gap-town could hardly be clearer!

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