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Old Harry Rocks, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset   April 2006



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Lulworth Cove  Colchester VIth Form College AS Fieldwork Oct 2001

Lulworth Cove  4 April 2007 am.

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Old Harry Rocks & 24 Oct 2001

Old Harry Rocks April 2006


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Swanage beach and cliffs


West Bay harbour engineering works Feb 2004

West Bay harbour defence works, October 2004

West Bay, harbour and cliffs, August 2005

White Nothe April 2006





Old Harry and The Needles from Studland.








Walking out to Old Harry you pass a number of embayments in the chalk, complete with wave-cut notch, beach material of flint and fallen chalk blocks, and cave features.

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No longer bold enough to walk out on the promontory to take this view, I must credit my wife for this shot!

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The Old Harry complex of stacks comes into close view, where the path can show up recent erosion. Needless to say, I am treating the right-hand shot as evidence of this cliff loss, and not a challenge!

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The wave-cut surface at the base of the Harry stacks has a well-defined arch as well as ample material for abrasion and a clear stratigraphic break between white-ish chalk and the marine green base.

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Some close-up shots of the chalk's structure, with both horizontal and vertical faulting .. and the debris pile that erosion produces.

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General overviews of the Old Harry Rocks, with an arch detail in the centre.

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The caves-to-arches sequence can be seen all over The Foreland area.

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More flint beaches, wave-cut notches and cave formation south of 'The Foreland' .. and the first of 'The Pinnacles'.

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A rockfall and small beach punctuate the cliffs looking back towards Handfast Point - the stacks line up nicely!

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A sequence of photographs whilst walking southwards, away from Old Harry.

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Two photographs of a Pinnacle stack and the intriguing chalk layering of the adjacent bay. The car ferry sails from Poole.

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Above and blow- more photographs of 'The Pinnacles' and the bird life that inhabits its cliffs.

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More studies of 'The Pinnacles'.

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The high cliffs where Ballard Down meet the sea; Peveril Point is far headland, the other side of Swanage Bay.

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