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West Bay, Bridport, Dorset   pictures taken 5 August 2005

Chapman's Pool

Chesil Beach - 1998 storms  August 2000  April 2006  April 2007

Corfe Castle


Durdle Door - April 2006  April 2007



Furzy Cliffs


Kimmeridge Bay


Lulworth Cove  Colchester VIth Form College AS Fieldwork Oct 2001

Lulworth Cove  4 April 2007 am.

Lulworth Cove  4 April 2007 pm.


Old Harry Rocks & 24 Oct 2001

Old Harry Rocks April 2006


Osmington Mills



Swanage beach and cliffs


West Bay harbour engineering works Feb 2004

West Bay harbour defence works, October 2004

West Bay, harbour and cliffs, August 2005

White Nothe April 2006


Some views of the inner harbour at West Bay; the waiting time for berths to become available for hire is now reputedly at 180 years!

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Traditional fishing for mackerel and scallop exist alongside tourist trips for fishing, and now a growing market for power boat adventure trips. There is a large tidal range - at high spring tides the sea reaches the top of the wall!

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To views to the west, towards Thorncombe Beacon. The end of Chesil Beach marks the left shot, whilst on the right the graded slopes of West Cliff soon lead to the coast path and residential properties.

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The new harbour facilities are now open, and the concrete is looking very bright in the summer sunshine. A launching and recovery ramp is the main addition to the harbour, as well as a much safer entrance. In the centre the floating pier can be seen, and is occupied by crabbers and sunbathers ... and small boys.

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The new pier is protected from the south-west by copious amounts of rip-rap. It was in this very area that the old Harbourmaster's Office came close to destruction in a south-westerly gale!

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The rock groyne on the west promenade protects West Cliff, but also starves the headlands to the west of any beach protection .. with predictable results in terms of erosion rates!

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The Bridport Sandstones are well cemented and very coherent. The better cemented horizontal bands stick out because they are more resistant to subaerial attack, and their strength helps maintain the vertical angle.  The April 2005 fall is just visible far right


The foot of the cliff is well protected by the deep shingle beach, but wisely the groups are avoiding the overhang.  As the rock is permeable there is little sign of water erosion at the top


Chesil Beach stretches from West Bay eastwards to the Isle of Portland. The cliffs end at Burton Bradstock, two miles down the coast.

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