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West Bay, Bridport, Dorset   pictures taken 26 October 2004

Chapman's Pool

Chesil Beach - 1998 storms  August 2000  April 2006  April 2007

Corfe Castle


Durdle Door - April 2006  April 2007



Furzy Cliffs


Kimmeridge Bay


Lulworth Cove  Colchester VIth Form College AS Fieldwork Oct 2001

Lulworth Cove  4 April 2007 am.

Lulworth Cove  4 April 2007 pm.


Old Harry Rocks & 24 Oct 2001

Old Harry Rocks April 2006


Osmington Mills



Swanage beach and cliffs


West Bay harbour engineering works Feb 2004

West Bay harbour defence works, October 2004

West Bay, harbour and cliffs, August 2005

White Nothe April 2006



Rip rap, stone groynes and the western view from West Bay.



The western end of Chesil Beach now begins with rip rap, applied to the base of the pier at West Bay.


Burton Bradstock cliffs, stretching towards the east.


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Rip rap at the western end of West Bay too ... looking towards Golden Cap.


A detail of the beach materials, including chalk boulders. from the rip rap.


The retaining cliff wall at west cliffs, built when the unstable slope was regraded, is being overtopped by recent slippages.

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Some views of the large amounts of stone to be found in the defence works at West Bay, in the form of stone groynes on the western beach, and rip rap cladding all hard defences.

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The Harbour




Some views of the harbour at West Bay.

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As the scheme to improve the harbour was all but finished, it is to be expected that time was running out for this backwater.




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The Harbour Scheme



The improvements to the harbour entrance allow ships to enter harbour more easily, and now has the addition of a slipway - centre.


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The last piece of construction work has been done, and now it is the job of this digger to remove the rubble from the demolition of the old west pier.

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More views of diggers and the general construction work.

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New hardwood fenders have been fitted.



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