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Porlock Bay, Somerset   pictures taken 5 August 2005


Bude-Sandy-Mouth 22 August 2001


Beesands & Hallsands & Start Point 25 Oct 2004

Dartmouth & the Dart Estuary 25 Oct 2004

Slapton Sands 2001 -aftermath of the storm of February 2001 - photos by Nick Slinger

Slapton Ley and Torcross 25 Oct 2004



Lynmouth 17-18 July 2006

Porlock Bay 5 August 2005 & 17 August 2006




A general view of Porlock /Bay from  the track north of the Car Park at 910477 near Sellworthy Beacon/Bossington Hill.


Looking towards the east and Sellworthy Beacon, which has a looming lens cloud above.


From near Sellworthy Beacon car park a good view is afforded of the new salt marsh and the shingle beaches.

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Some colonisation of the shingle is happening at Porlock Weir. The hamlet, yachts in the harbour mouth, and steep wooded hillside lie behind.


The main groyne at Porlock Weir, designed, no doubt, to maintain navigation into the small harbour.


So far beyond twee as to be totally genuine, artists wee painting the cottage at the top of the beach.

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An overview of Porlock Bay from the road in front of West Porlock, with progressive zooms into the managed area.

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More views of the head of the bay, with its progressive change of land use on the left, the salt marsh incursion area in the centre and on the right a close-up of the channels immediately behind the beach.

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English Nature on the breach of Porlock Bay and ecological developments thereafter.



Map of Porlock Bay

There appears to be quite a number of trees in the field boundaries that have been killed off, presumably by salt incursion when the beach was cut.


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17 July 2006



Porlock Bay from Bossington Hill; the tide is high enough to see the inundation of the coastal plain.


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The photographs have been enhanced to reduce the thick summer haze, but the breach Bossington Beach can be seen, together with groynes, shorelines and an unnatural 'lumpy' appearance to the shingle beyond. It would appear the shoreline is being reworked by machinery. The right-hand photo is towards Hurlstone Point, showing the beach and slack water landward.



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