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Brittany 2003


A75 and Millau  photos taken  August 200


A75 & Millau


Cirque de Navacelles

Rhodes - Pyrenees-Orientales

Odeillo Solar Furnace

Valley of the Tet and the Mediterranean



Via Michelin map of Clermont-Ferrand

ViaMichelin map of Milllau

Clermont Ferrand


and the Puy de Dome

From the Etap hotel at night. A night-club car park is on the left, and the A75 runs through the middle of the picture. It is a well-used highway!


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The northern part of Clermont Ferrand .. from the hills which form a steep rampart along its entire western margin,


The centre of Clermont Ferrand from an overlook on the way out to the Puy de Dome.


The southern section of the town.



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A view of the Puy de Dome from the base. The road to the top is only open to private cars before and after the bus-shuttle times of 10.00-4.00 pm daily.




The view from the top, back down over the entrance, the tree-lined road and the hidden car parks, to Clermont Ferrand far below.

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To the north, the view from the Puy de Dome is filled with volcanic cones.      600-P1000491.JPG  41KB




The iron content of the volcanic soil is apparent.


A wider shot to the north of the Dome.



Sheep graze the volcanic hills!


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A large group of parachutists were hang-gliding on the updraughts from the mountain.


The very highest part of the summit is covered by this imposing building and its telecommunications masts.


The car park, bus terminus and cafe/interpretation centre.


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The view to the south, and as impressive and as volcanic as that o the north.

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A close in view of a cone immediately to the south of the Puy de Dome.    600-P1000492.JPG    63KB



Millau and the A75 Viaduct




The town, the river and the viaduct. The scale of the engineering is apparent.



The apparently complete viaduct, carrying the A75 motorway, over the River Tarn to the west of the town of Millau.


A wider, and no less impressive, view of the human and physical landscape.


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A convenient and scenic lay-by on the road dropping into the town from the south. Views of the giant viaduct were impressive, as were those of the gorges to the east of the town.


The town o Millau, the River Tarn and the surrounding hills.




The crossing over the Tarn in Millau. This proved to be an excellent by-pass to the jams on the A75 leading north!



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The deep limestone gorge, occupied by the River Dourbla.





A detail of the inside of the meander.



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