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Brittany 2003


Rodes  photos taken  August 2004

A75 & Millau


Cirque de Navacelles

Rhodes - Languedoc-Rousillon


Valley of the Tet and the Mediterranean



ViaMichelin map of Rodes


The street off the square, with the village restaurant , a view of the valley beyond the River Tet .. and our accommodation in the last house on the left.


The small square in Rodes, home to an old tree and a new bar, favoured by the younger crowd.


From the balcony of the house can be seen the rest of the village, and the  intervening gardens.

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Leading off from the village square and its three-storeyed buildings are some views of the old  village ...


... with its narrow passages and winding steps, to shady alleys with greenery and flowers, and tended with care.


Most of the old and steep part of the village has received a complete makeover in the form of tiling in the walkways, adding railings to flights of steps and asphalting the more level sections.

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The nearby parts of the village, including a crenulated tower!


The view from the lounge window - a palm ..................


................ with fruit.

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Some of the local gardens are intensely cared-for and are very productive.  A good few are tended less, probably a feature of the hot summer months.



A newly-planted grove of tress (could they be olives?) next to the sheer concrete walls of a dried-up stream .. not the bisse. Bamboo grows throughout the village, and indeed the region, wherever there is water.


On a Saturday morning the fish van calls.

The supermarket in Prades is about ten miles away, so fresh fish on your doorstep is a service that is still viable.


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From the hillside overlooking Rodes, its location by a  sizeable area of cultivable land is revealed. Today, perhaps, this translates into building plots.


Both types of cactus seen locally, together on the path above the church.


Figs growing on a house wall in the older part of the village.


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Olives growing on the valley side, ob the walk up to the dam.



The village boasts a number of bisse or irrigation canals . The road into the village sees an example running fast with clear water.


A complete surprise on the walk was the number of cacti, here starting to flower.


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The village in evening light, from the road and across the bisse.



An impressive flow of water is conducted by the roadside, and then under many of the houses, before reappearing and heading on down the valley, contouring all the while.


As is much else in Rodes, the neatness of the canal's construction, and the tidiness of the village, shows well here.

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The River Tet



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The River Tet enters a gorge section as it flows past Rodes. Old mining works can be seen on the northern wall of the gorge, and the roadway which leads above the dam.



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The holiday home came with its own garden of woodland and a private beach by the river!


The largest  flood to come down the river can always be gauged by the largest rounded boulders in its bed!


The Tet can increase in flow suddenly, if the dam needs to release water. A warning notice was posted in the village, but in the summer months this is more than unlikely.

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The dam at Rodes, with Vinca and Mount Canigou in the background.


From above the old village, westwards towards the dam.


The land between the new dam and the village is relatively flat, agricultural and with provision for irrigation.

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Swimming at Vinca



A view of Vinca from above the dam in Rodes. The Pyrenees masses in the background.


The lake is split by a causeway, carrying both the road and the railway up the valley. The bathing area faces the enclosed inlet.


The bathing area from inland of the lake.



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The highly eroded area to the east of the lake at Vinca.

From the swimming area the pyramides and gullies are clear.

In evening light the gullying stands out well.


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The soft sediments, here sands and gravels, needed for pyramides, are seen in this exposure. To prevent erosion there needs to be a larger stone to act as a cap rock.



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