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North Norfolk 2001    Sea Palling      Sunday May 13 2001


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Looking back down the street of Sea Palling, away from the beach access. Behind the fragile dunes lies a lowland, and here, at least on a sunny Sunday morning, a thriving tourist trade. Beach cafe and amusement arcade view for trade with the local pub and shops.


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Looking seawards the contrast could not be more complete. The new rock reefs trail away to the north-west, as do the crescents of beaches they have helped to form. Behind them marram grass tops out the low dunes.


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The beach near the access road is more developed, with some commercial exploitation, and people setting up for the day.


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8The beach access is a road gap in the concrete recurved sea wall defences. The beach tractor is struggling to recover this boat. The sand is exceedingly fine and lacks any cohesion. At this point is a lifeboat station with an inshore rescue inflatable.


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