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North Norfolk  Sea Palling  2003

North Norfolk 1999 Mundesley, Trimingham, Overstrand

North Norfolk 2001 Trimingham, Overstrand

North Norfolk 2002 Overstrand, West Runton

North Norfolk 2005 Overstrand

North Norfolk 2006  Trimingham, Overstrand, Walcott, Weybourne, Salthouse

North Norfolk 2008  Bacton, Overstrand


Happisburgh 1999

Happisburgh 2001

Happisburgh 2002

Happisburgh 2003

Happisburgh 2004

Happisburgh Jan 2005

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Happisburgh Jul 2007 SLN Weekend

Happisburgh Feb 17 2008


Sheringham Jun 2006


Sea Palling 2001

Sea Palling 2003

Sea Palling Jan 2005



Winterton-on-Sea beach  2005 January, February and August

                                     2006  February & November 




The artificial reefs stretch out to the north at Sea Palling, each topped by its own warning mast.

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From above the sea wall the dunes look out over a wide stretch of beach.



The seaward face above the sea wall present a glacis to the North Sea. The artificial reefs lie to the south.


Dunes above the sea wall, beach and reefs.

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The secured beaches at Sea Palling are pleasant and the waters nearby sheltered, so its attraction as a family holiday beach are increased.


The stepped and recurved sea wall is under no pressure currently.



A safe anchorage for fishing and pleasure craft.


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At low-ish tide you can walk across the shallows to the reef.



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