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Seawick Road - a story of coastal erosion  2 January 2005


Clackton-on-Sea May 2001

Jaywick February 15 2002

South Clacton February 15 2002


Cudmore Grove 29 Aug 2001


Fingringhoe 2004 


Frinton 26 Jul 2001


Seawick Road   2 January 2005


Stour Estuary and Brantham  December 2004




Looking southwards from Jaywick towards Southwick ...


.. the coastline is one of stone groynes, steep beaches and tidal berms ...


... marked by larger stones, dried weed and some debris.

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From Jaywick, on the last rock groyne looking southwards.




Danger notices (from behind) and new housing behinds a concrete sea wall.










Looking north towards Jaywick


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St Osyth's beach and its caravan park ...

  Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.  

... sheltering behind a sea wall and heavy flood gates.

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A panorama towards the north of the beach to the west of St Osyth's Beach, showing the beach road destroyed, and the brackish lagoons behind, backed by a concrete sea wall.




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The breach is very obvious in this shot, looking westwards from the sea wall across the marshland ...


... and eastwards from the beach to where the other photograph was taken.


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A closer study of the road breach.








Concrete and bricks and other hard core, has been flung around at the site of the road breach.


Wind-blown sand makes dune-shapes against larger shingle outcrops.


Bradwell nuclear power station, now being decommissioned, appears through the mist above a desolated beach.

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The roadway continues to the west, being covered in fine sand on the day of the visit, but, of course, with no vehicular access possible.

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