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Sheringham 29 June 2006


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Sheringham Jun 2006


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The turning for Sheringham  town and beach leads immediately to a car park adjoining the North Norfolk Railway terminus.

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The railway is easily accessible from the car park and has attractive corners, such as the suitcases and trunks piled ready for the guard's van! The real attraction is, of course, steam, and this 0-6-0  was gleaming and fired ready for the off.

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The High Street was awash with colour, from hanging baskets and a myriad of small shops crowding in on the roadway.



At the end of the street was the sea, and heavy-duty defences - of rock groynes, concrete sea walls and a wide sand beach with cobbles leading steeply to the main-made 'hard' defences.

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The local Kingswood Centre was fieldworking the beach, with clip boards and ranging poles in evidence. The steep upper beach of shingle was stepped with a series of minor ridges - a good contrast to the shallow profile of the sandy beach

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The groynes of Sheringham are sturdy affairs, with a prodigious weight of cobbles to contend with,  and have reinforcing structures at their top end for the last few metres. Beach movement was from east to west.


On the left is a veteran concrete groyne just about surviving!




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