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Slapton Sands, Devon,  Coastal Erosion Damage


February 2001      All photos courtesy of Nick Slinger


Bude-Sandy-Mouth 22 August 2001


Beesands & Hallsands & Start Point 25 Oct 2004

Dartmouth & the Dart Estuary 25 Oct 2004

Slapton Sands 2001 -aftermath of the storm of February 2001 - photos by Nick Slinger

Slapton Ley and Torcross 25 Oct 2004


Lynmouth 17-18 July 2006

Porlock Bay 5 August 2005 & 17 August 2006


Streetmap on Slapton 1:50,000


The location of this photograph is at      , as the road from Slapton village turns north-west along the coast. To the south is Slapton Ley, a renowned coastal lagoon, and beyond the small village/hamlet of Torcross.

Winter storms have lowered the beach by several metres and the roadway, as well as the protective concrete blanket, have been exposed and eroded.


Slaptonbeach.jpg (40549 bytes)



The scale of the previous picture is evident here; the figure would indicate a vertical drop of over four metres on this slope. The nature of the defences, a concrete blanket linked by steel rods and backed by a membrane, is show up well.  


The Slaptonlinks.jpg (90429 bytes)



From above the roadway is now the cliff-top. The defences have been temporarily restored by rip-rap boulders on the much-depleted beach. 


Slaptonbeachroad.jpg (51952 bytes)




A close-up reveals that the roadway was substantial, that it had cats-eyes running down the middle, and that the route is now impassable to motor traffic.


Slaptonbeachroadeye.jpg (66033 bytes)




The cats-eye, rip-rap, beach and sea.


Slaptoneyedetail.jpg (110466 bytes)




A monument, removed by the storms, is survived by only its plinth and the flag posts either side.


Slaptonbeachroadplinth.jpg (44037 bytes)



Further towards the north-west, at the edge of the car park, the sea has revealed the local geology, and appears to have taken a good deal more than the road!


Slapton car park.jpg (68886 bytes)