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Stour Estuary and Brantham  December 2004


Clackton-on-Sea May 2001

Jaywick February 15 2002

South Clacton February 15 2002


Cudmore Grove 29 Aug 2001


Fingringhoe 2004 


Frinton 26 Jul 2001


Seawick Road   2 January 2005


Stour Estuary and Brantham  December 2004





Reeds grow around backwaters, behind the river embankments.




The footpath from to the river runs from metalled lane next to the church, over the railway and down a steep, but well-marked path.


Frozen backwaters in between the reeds.



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The footpath sign just before the river and its embankment.


The view from the embankment, looking towards the east ..


.. and with clear evidence of evolving salt marshes along the shore.

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Here the security of the salt marshes seems secure, and they have built up well against the stone-faced embankments.


A view of the open water behind the embankment.



Looking back to the east, showing both embankment and salt marsh.


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A channel across the intertidal mud.


These photos show the salt marsh under considerable pressure at a number of locations. There appears to be erosion of the vegetation over a considerable area.

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The meandering stream cannel has developed in this homogeneous material (mud) at a very low slope angle, an ideal situation. Manningtree can be seen against the wintry light on the south side of the estuary.









The sea wall to the south, with Manningtree in the background.



Some vegetation, in this case a scrubby tree, has been allowed to infiltrate the stone-faced seaward side of the embankment.


The footpath climbs over the railway embankment.



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The railway from Manningtree-Ipswich running over the estuary - looking towards Essex.


The ICI Imagedata factory can be seen  ..


.. from the vantage of the railway tracks.



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A transect view from the embankment, over the open water, marsh and rough ground to the railway embankment, and the factory beyond.


The valley side here has been ploughed, almost, for arable.



A view towards the railway as it enters a cutting. The land has been improved here, for arable, whilst the line of trees mark the route back to the church.

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The sewage treatment works at Brantham, with the Decoy Pond in the background.


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The London-Norwich main line at Brantham, scene of a landslip some years ago, which blocked the line for some time.


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The northern shore of the River Stour, immediately upstream of Cattawade.   800-P1010094.JPG  61KB





The reconstructed bridge across the Stour at Cattawade.


An estuary, such as the Stour, with its associated wetlands, has obvious attractions as a source of food for birdlife.


The Stour valley at Cattawade.

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