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Tenerife 13-20 March 2007



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Tenerife - ITER Renewable Energy Centre


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Having seen wind turbines under the approach to Reina Sofia airport the night before, I was delighted to find, the following day, the site was open, and had a fully-functioning visitor's centre and education centre. These photographs show the entrance, visitor's centre and car park. Access is via the motorway, turning off to the Granadilla industrial zone via industrial entrance A.

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The site layout, shown on the model, concentrates the solar panel activity, boiling water and photovoltaic, to the north of the visitor's centre. Also to the north is a line of wind turbines, whilst to the west of the centre is the interpretation centre, located in a gully ... almost hidden in the photo on the right.

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The interpretation centre is in a garden setting, with a stream and plants and a winding walkway. along the route are various interpretative panels, relating to exhibits in that part of the site.

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Both photovoltaic, (centre) and boiling water solar panels are shown; there is an English text, but it was printed on an inkjet and the weather has got to it!

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This little area of parkland is a delight as well as an education and would prove a suitable model for similar sites.

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More solar converters, in the cases above all for heating water.

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The construction of a photovoltaic cell is on the left, a boiling water solar furnace is centre, and on the right the truncated workings of a wind turbine gearbox and generator.

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On the left is a solar still; condensed water could be seen running down the undersides of the angled roof.



A simple waterwheel - mostly undershot, but occasionally overshot!

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The solar arrays appear to have water feeds running along the focus axis - an impressive display.

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Towards the shore, and not open to the public (I tried) are further experimental turbines, including one with a vertical axis.


The service door to one of the turbines seen on the right.


This photovoltaic roof is about 140' by 40' - it is huge! The full-size turbines in the background should give an idea of scale - see centre photo.

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