Thorpeness 2000 Thorpeness 2001


Looking north from Aldeburgh, with the holiday village of Thorpeness,  and the power stations at Sizewell clearly showing on the horizon.

800Thorpeness-south1.jpg (125496 bytes) The beach at Thorpeness, looking towards the south, and, eventually Aldeburgh

800Thorpeness-south1.jpg (125496 bytes)

Taken in May 2000

800Thorpeness-north2.jpg (177225 bytes) Thorpeness looking north The beach slopes steeply in its final phase.

800Thorpeness-north2.jpg (177225 bytes)

Taken in May 2000

800Thorpeness-north3.jpg (131207 bytes) The upper beach at Thorpeness. The pantometer cross sections were taken from points along the little patch of green in front on the houses on the left.

800Thorpeness-north3.jpg (131207 bytes)

Taken in May 2000

800.Thursday1.jpg (194844 bytes) The Thursday group measuring pebble size and shape at Thorpeness, working down the 0 metre line. The tape in the foreground was used to place the flags for further cross-sections down the beach, to be measured  with the pantometers. Note that the 0 metre line passes alongside the beach sign.

800.Thursday1.jpg (194844 bytes)

Taken on June 22 2000

800Thorpeness-south3.jpg (155048 bytes) The tape laid out for cross-sections from the beach-green at Thorpeness.

800Thorpeness-south3.jpg (155048 bytes)

Taken on June 22 2000