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Extracting data from Flexidata .. taken from Year 10 Shopping Journeys advice

Getting data from the computer

Open up Flexidata 2 ..       choose Load a datafile from disc. choose Look at the data

From this point on you will have to choose the data you need, by asking the computer questions.


The most useful outputs:



To get averages of any one field .. for us this will be distances: 

Click on the top menu .. insert, then choose statistics. Click on the field you want the statistics for, say local shop distance .. a green box of data is shown with a red surround (you can get rid of this box by right-clicking it and then selecting delete)  

The scattergram

l     This really good feature can be found by choosing insert from the top menu , then select graph and then scattergram from the drop-down-menu. 

l     You should select the first field you want .. which should be home village as the villagesí names have been cut down to make them fit on a page! The other field, such as supermarket should then be selected.

l     What you get is a matrix of the numbers going from each home location to each supermarket, in an easily understood format. From here you can obtain the data to draw the graphs you need!

More detail

l     To select the statistics for any one place, either a village, town or supermarket.:

l     Go to format, then select query and then Start a new query .. such as this one-

l     Select home location and select one, say, Capel in the value box by typing in its name; then choose another field, say Tesco Copdock Mill. This will give you all the records from people who live in Capel and shop at Tesco Copdock Mill.


Just select Capel, as an example, then say OK. You will now have all the records for people from Capel. You can now go to insert, then choose statistics. Select one of the four distances on offer and then click OK. The resulting box will have the average distance to all supermarkets by all people in Capel. This figure could be compared with other villages.


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