The Dovey estuary and Barmouth Spit  April  2003





The River Dovey meanders below Macchynlleth, which can be seen in the background, leaving coarse material deposited in low water areas.


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The rippled sands of the Dovey estuary on the A493 from Macchynlleth to Aberdovey


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The coast, and railway, from the A493 north of  Gwastadgoed


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Fairbourne and the Barmouth spit pushing out over the Mawddach estuary


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A close-up of the spit


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A jumble of mobile homes and chalets huddle below the cliff at the start of the bar


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Defensive concrete blocks have been heaved aside by the sea


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The railway, spit and edge of the hills of the Mawddach estuary.


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The railway travels upon its embankment across salt marsh either side, before turning north to cross the estuary at Barmouth bridge.


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The toll bridge over the estuary at Penmaenpool, with salt marsh in the background


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CAT centre for Alternative Technology

Llandinam wind farm

River Severn meander

Montgomery Canal

Barmouth spit