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February 15 2002

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Walton-on-the-Naze  February 2007

Walton-on-the-Naze  May 2007


This photograph is taken from the top of the step, near the cafe and tower. It will serve as a possible marker for the imminent undermining of the information masonry.


A close-up of the next cliff-top marker to fall.


From half way down the cliff, the nearness of the latest collapse to the line of the cliff steps is evident.  At the time of viewing about 4 metres was all that was  separating steps and cliff.

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From a bench on the cliff side, the continuing cliff falls keep a fresh free face.


The thoroughly undercut concrete roadway has all but disappeared. The position of the  brick information pillar is now critical.


A tumble of sand and clay, together with still-growing vegetation, marks the southern boundary of the unmanaged cliffs at Walton.

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The debris of the rotational slump below the tower. In the foreground pieces of concrete roadway, behind are the pillboxes on the beach.


800-02150005.jpg  144kb



Access on to a much-lowered breach.


800-02150014.jpg  131kb






The system of concrete footways from the sea wall to the top of the cliffs at the tower. the proximity of the cliff to the upper section of footpath becomes clear.


The groynes in front of the managed coast, to the south of the cliffs.


Small beaches move about the groyne compartments, backed by concrete blocks and a sea wall.

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